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Briefly in English

Reuna Publishing House was formed in 2022 when a group of writers bought Reuna Publishing Company to continue its work. This is the first time such an ownership arrangement has been tried in Finland in a publishing company of this size.

The spirit of Reuna Publishing House is based on openness and community. Our values include courage, joy, pluralism and social justice. We have over 100 authors who not only write books but contribute to the company in all sorts of different ways.

Reuna Publishing House publishes Finnish and translated fiction and non-fiction. Our top categories at the moment are detective novels, non-fiction and teen equestrian fiction. We do not publish comics, religious literature or textbooks. We buy and sell translation rights all over the world, and our books have been released in e.g. Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

In ten years Reuna Publishing House and its predecessor Reuna Publishing Company have published approximately 400 titles, including eBooks and audiobooks. We bring out around 30 new books each year.

The company is headquartered in Kouvola, about 140 kilometres northeast of the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Foreign rights

If you are interested in purchasing the rights for some of Reuna’s books, please contact CEO Olli Sarpo (contact info below).


Email: (Note the new address)


Reuna Publishing House Oy

Myllykoskentie 17

46800 Myllykoski



Olli Sarpo  (Note the new address)

+35840 9010 411

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